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The Weekly Wrap: In-Flight Media, Touchless Tech & Ryanair’s Bathroom Pass

The latest episode of The Weekly Wrap sees hosts Maryann Simson and Seth Miller discuss the fate of the in-flight magazine with input from Adaptive Channel’s co-founder and COO, David Fairand, before the conversation turns to Inadvia’s recent Attitudes to In-flight Media 2020 survey and the role of advertising cookies.

Based on the FTE APEX Post-COVID-19 Airport webinar, the show examines how airlines including United and AirAsia are introducing touchless technology to boost traveler confidence, thinks up use cases for a new “germ trolley” created by Industrial Neotex and takes another look at how Ryanair is planning to implement social distancing in the cabin (it involves asking permission to use the lavatory).

See below for a rundown of the different topics discussed throughout the episode:

(0:21) New sponsor announcement (0:38) Signs of a travel rebound in the US? (2:35) Ryanair’s plans to resume flights (5:26) United’s touchless bag tag printing solution (6:25) AirAsia’s touchless kiosks for crew (8:17) What will happen to in-flight magazines? (8:57) Interview with David Fairand, COO, Adaptive Channel (11:20) Inadvia’s Attitudes to Inflight Media 2020 survey (13:39) Industrial Neotex’s “Germ Trolley”

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