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All Nippon Airways (ANA) Adopts Adaptive’s ACES, Mobile IFE Solution

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Adopts Adaptive’s ACES, Mobile IFE Solution, Fleetwide to Digitalise its Inflight Magazine, Newspapers & Magazines

Using ACES, ANA will significantly cut their carbon footprint & improve their environmental impact, by replacing hard-copy printed publications with digital press

Paris, France – April 8, 2021 – As of April 1, 2021, Adaptive is proud to announce that their sophisticated mobile digital press solution, ACES, will be available fleetwide on All Nippon Airways (ANA) flights. The airline - Japan's largest and 5-star airline for eight consecutive years – made the decision to switch to digital press to reduce ANA's carbon footprint by eliminating more than 1500 tons of paper emissions per year, and create a more hygienic inflight experience, while significantly increasing the selection of media for passengers.

Not only in the lounge and inflight, ANA passengers will be able to access ACES’ digital press content from anywhere, through the airline’s booking and reservations app, on their own device, including the ANA Group’s inflight magazines, "TSUBASA -GLOBAL WINGS-," and other popular newspapers and magazines, available in multiple languages.

ACES’ software development kit (SDK) approach has already demonstrated its efficiency with leading carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, SAS, TAP Portugal, and ANA asked Adaptive to take the platform to the next level, to match their vision and innovative approach to IFE offerings that fit what passengers will expect, especially post-COVID.

“As many passengers are still fearful of touching anything, the decision for ANA to replace hard-copy materials with digital press is very forward-thinking and truly demonstrates the airline’s commitment to passenger safety and offering the best possible inflight experience, while at the same time reducing costs,” said David Fairand, COO of Adaptive. “At Adaptive, we are thrilled to provide ANA’s passengers with access to the top digital press content from the safety and comfort of their own device, via ACES’ seamless integration into ANA’s mobile app. Through the app, passengers can download content up to 24 hours before the flight using an internet connection, and it will remain available on their device for 24 hours after the flight lands, no matter where the passenger is physically located.”

“As part of our response to COVID-19 outbreak, ANA has suspended providing printed publications onboard. Our new service will give our customers access to a significantly larger selection of media – even more options than we used to provide before the spread of COVID-19,” said Tom Mano, Vice President of Products & Services Planning at ANA. “Our new service will also allow customers to select and enjoy newspapers and magazines – not only during the flight, but also during the time on the ground – to enhance our seamless digital customer experience in the safest way possible, which we will continue to upgrade as part of our mid-term strategy. This new service will, at the same time, make our operations more sustainable, as we’ve made a long-term commitment to adhering to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

To learn more about ANA’s switch to digital content using Adaptive’s ACES IFE solution, or to arrange an interview with Adaptive’s COO, David Fairand, to discuss the significant environmental and PaxEx benefits offered by digitizing hard-copy inflight materials, please contact Jennifer Nagy at or +1.786.420.1160.



ADAPTIVE specializes in the distribution of digital press and other digital media content through ACES, the company’s cloud-based, entertainment content distribution platform, which can be seamlessly integrated into an airline’s web and/or mobile booking apps. ADAPTIVE’s platform has already been successfully deployed with numerous customers including some of the world’s top rated airlines and leading equipment manufacturers.

ACES is a turn-key solution, which includes a SaaS software platform, digital media content and related services. Depending on the client, the solution has been deployed onboard as a press kiosk or using our eReader on seatback IFE, on wireless IFE (“wIFE”) and connectivity portals, and on-ground with our mobile IFE (“mIFE”) and/or inside business lounges.

ADAPTIVE’s platform has been recognized as the all-in-one, leading provider of digital press in the aviation industry. ADAPTIVE also has clients in the railway sector, the hospitality industry and in the corporate sector.

To learn more about Adaptive and ACES, visit or contact us by email at


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