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Adaptive Revolutionizes On Board Media Consumption with Groundbreaking Press-to-Podcast Technology

Paris, France – Sept 18, 2023 – Adaptive, a trailblazer in AI-driven content transformation, is proud to unveil a revolutionary advancement in the world of media for passengers and on board content accessibility. Leveraging on an AI-driven content transformation technology, Adaptive now offers a seamless conversion of traditional press articles from newspapers and magazines into captivating podcast-style audio content. This content is available in almost any language, delivered with impeccable accents, intonations, and the option of multiple narrators.

In a rapidly evolving landscape of information consumption, Adaptive's latest breakthrough bridges the gap between classic print media and the booming podcast sphere, ensuring that no valuable content remains confined to the written word.

Notably, Adaptive's Press-to-Podcast technology is a game-changer for passengers with visual impairments, providing fluid access.

Key Features of Adaptive's game changing new feature:

1. Multilingual Brilliance: Adaptive's advanced language processing capabilities empower the transformation of press articles into audio content in virtually any language, facilitating global access to information.

2. Immersive Narration: Experience articles with immersive listening as the technology infuses each reading with authentic accents, intonations, and voice characteristics that harmonize with audience preferences.

3. Diverse Voices: a wide range of voices to narrate articles is available, adding a personalized touch to the content consumption experience.

Laurent Safar, CEO of Adaptive, expressed his enthusiasm about the company's latest innovation, stating, "Our mission has always been to assist airlines in providing the best digital press experience and revolutionizing how people engage with press content. With this pioneering technology, we are taking a significant step forward in realizing that vision."

Adaptive's Press-to-Podcast technology is the latest addition to the company's portfolio of innovations, which includes the first Automated Content Moderation tool for digital press. Adaptive's AI-driven Automated Content Moderation tool for press was designed to automatically detect and exclude nudity from IFE digital press content. The solution is an add-on to the company's highly popular mobile IFE and digital press solution, ACES, which is trusted by 25+ leading airlines worldwide.

Adaptive's cutting-edge capability promises to reshape the way we consume news and magazine articles, making information more accessible, engaging, and inclusive than ever before.

To learn more about the new press-to-Podcast Technology, ACES, Adaptive’s eReader, or to arrange an interview/Skype demo of the new tool, please contact us using

If you are attending the APEX in Long beach, USA, September 19-21, 2023, please contact David Fairand, Co-Founder & COO of Adaptive, to arrange an in-person demo of the new solution: or +33 6 61 34 98 17.


About Adaptive

Adaptive provides global airlines with a sophisticated mobile inflight entertainment (IFE) solution called ACES, which delivers curated content in multiple languages, encompassing diverse, globally-relevant media, along the entire customer journey - before, during and after the flight. ACES was designed to function either as a standalone IFE solution or a complement to a seatback or wireless IFE solution, for all types and sizes of airlines and for all types of routes (including short and medium haul, as well as regional routes). The solution offers airline passengers maximum flexibility and a large library of content (including digital media, such as newspapers and magazines), all of which can be viewed on the passenger’s own mobile device or on devices provided by the airline via an app or web portal. The solution can also be used to provide entertainment to guests in airport lounges or by other transportation companies looking for a flexible, cost-effective entertainment solution for their passengers.

Adaptive serves over 25 international airline clients that notably includes six of the world's top ten airlines according to the prestigious 2023 Skytrax rankings. ADAPTIVE’s mobile IFE technology is also currently used in business lounges and by other transportation providers around the world. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, more information can be found at or by email at


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