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Adaptive offers free licence for digitised materials & magazines

As the air travel industry works to reassure passengers about the safety of flying in the Covid period, Adaptive, developer of the ACES mobile inflight entertainment (IFE) solution, is offering new airline customers a complimentary, two-year subscription to its reading material distribution platform. The platform will digitise onboard documents (including inflight magazines, duty-free catalogues and menus) and offer passengers a limited selection of digital magazines. ACES can be integrated into an airline’s pre-existing mobile app at no additional charge, to provide passengers with access to the reading materials.

“The current health crisis has dramatically increased the need for technology and innovation to reassure passengers,” said David Fairand, COO of Adaptive. “As such, digitalisation of all hard copy materials is an important part of helping airlines restore passenger confidence, reduce costs, improve turnaround time and, as a result, move through the recovery phases, more quickly.”

“As the pandemic continues, all the players of the complex international airline ecosystem must work together to help bring about a new future for the industry,” continued Fairand. “Adaptive calls for all technology companies to join forces, in committing to help airlines reduce costs associated with implementing new Covid-19 health measures, and to working together to restore passenger confidence in our industry-wide commitment to health and safety.”

As a part of this effort, Adaptive proposes to coordinate, centralise and communicate the relevant technological aid proposals available to airlines around the world; this includes preferential offers to help airlines with health compliance, the implementation of contactless operations, socially distanced boarding procedures and improve turnaround times, without foregoing proper sanitation measures.

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